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Design & launch your high-impact workshop series for kids or teens in 90 days. 

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So you want to make a difference in the lives of young people.  A BIG difference.


There is something in your gut that has been telling you that you are meant for this.
You were meant to create a BIG impact by working with young people. And for some time now, you’ve been longing for a soul-filling career or side-hustle teaching your passion to youth. 

But if you are honest….you don’t even know where to start!

Does any of this sound familiar?


“I don’t know the first thing about designing, marketing or running a series of workshops for young people. How do I take my great idea into action?” 


“Will anyone even show up if I put this idea out there? Will people notice? Will I make money?”


“With my lack of experience, how will I manage?  How can I be sure I’m having the impact I want to through my workshops?”

✓ You want to feel like you are making a difference from the get-go.

✓ You want to feel like you have a game plan that is going to WORK.

✓ You want to feel like you have a strong support system that can guide you from idea to inception.

Hi!  I’m Kat!

I KNOW you can do this.  And I can help. 

Because I have been there.  I have conceptualized, designed and facilitated hundreds workshops for kids of all ages. Plus, I’ve mentored dozens of people, just like you, who now have successful careers providing meaningful experiences for the young people in their communities. I can help you go from feeling like you have no idea where to even start, to getting your program launched and thriving. 

Now my sole goal is to share my systems with other purpose driven individuals so that more kids and youth get what they need from the classes, camps and workshops offered in their communities.

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"Katherine helped me troubleshoot complex situations while managing my programs. She listened during debriefs and gave wise advice. I left my sessions feeling empowered and armed with practical strategies to move through challenges. "

‘Ok Kat, this all sounds nice, but HOW can you help me??’


Want help designing an awesome program? We can do that!  

Want help with marketing and outreach? We can do that! 

Want to build on your skills? We can do that! 

Want to learn techniques to avoid overwhelm and burnout? We can do that! 

Want help navigating boundaries and other sensitive issues? We can do that!


I’ve got you, no matter the agenda.

When you work with me 1:1 here is what you get: 

Your custom 90 day strategic plan

complete with action items to help us make the most of our time together.   

Bi-weekly 60 minute calls

where we discuss what you’ve come up against and how to solve the specific issues you are experiencing.  Remember, this is all about what YOU need…

On-call Voxer support

 to help you with any roadblock you bump up against so we can solve that problem in the moment

Free access to my course ‘The Art of Resilience’

that has loads of training on facilitation, creativity, and empowering kids so you can continue your learning between our calls.

A full review and action plan/checklist

at the end of our 90 days that you can use moving forward (because your growth doesn’t end with me!)

**Special Bonus**

Access to my growing bank of webinars that offer training on marketing and outreach, grant writing, behavioural management and more!

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"Kat had an amazing ability to empower the me to ensure successful and effective program design and implementation."

But most importantly, you get my support for all of the emotional roadblocks you hit when you do the work that you are about to do.

Because the work that you do IS emotional.  

You are choosing to work with young people because you care deeply. You get invested in your participants and in the communities you work in.  Sometimes we need to learn to set better boundaries, sometimes we need to separate ourselves, sometimes we just need a shoulder to lean on.  I am that shoulder.

When our time is done together you will leave feeling clear in your action plan, confident in your skills, have all of the moving parts in order, know without a doubt the outcome of your programs, and feel passionate about the work that you do.  What more could you ask for?

If you want support with both the practical and emotional work involved in running transformational programs for young people then I hope you will join me.

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Still have questions? 

Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out ALL the deets. 


"She's smart, resourceful, cool (in the "I want to be like her", way) and kind. I'm endlessly grateful to have worked with Kat. She remains an invaluable mentor."