Customized Program Audit

For organizations running programs and workshops with the public

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Do you ever feel like your organization keeps making the same mistakes over and over again? Or that you're not applying all the lessons learned when coordinating new programs?  

With one busy season rolling into the next, high staff turnover and day-to-day overwhelm, organizations running programs don’t always have the capacity to properly reflect and evaluate.

I know, that you know, that in order to increase the reach, impact and quality of your programs, its essential to reflect, rejig and modify along the way... but you just don't have the time! 

I get it .... you’re busy. 

But this is important! 

Let me take this one off your plate.

The process is simple. I do all heavy-lifting and facilitate the whole process in a way that works for your team. 

My Customized Program Audit is an intensive done-with-you process. We will analyze all aspects of your programs, from program design all the way to post-program evaluation, (and everything in between). By the time we are complete you will have a solid plan to address the areas that need improvement and enhance the areas that are already a success. 

The goal is to ensure your organization is delivering the highest quality experiences possible, with all systems in place to grow your programming model with ease. 

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I'll be there every step of the way... 

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"Katherine helped our organization reorient its approach to youth-focused public programming, and it helped create a safer and more supportive environment for creative and critical self-expressions. I'll always be grateful for her support and guidance. She truly "gets it" when managing and running programmes for children and youth!"

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